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Area 23Area 23 From the Air.  Click on image for larger view.

Area 23 has been set aside to be maintained as a wildlife preserve and used exclusively for hunting. It features a long, narrow marsh, mature popular and willow bushes and bluffs, as well as some prairie. It is ideal habitat for elk and deer – and hunting!

The terrain is navigable by All-Terrain Vehicles.

The marsh in Area 23 is always clear and abundant with beaver and muskrat. The geese and ducks come and go as they please.  Click on image for larger view.   Ducks Unlimited built a level control dam across the marsh, which we use as a crossing!

Area 23 is abundant with wildlife, including coyotes, red fox, beaver, muskrats, geese and ducks – to mention a few.

Big Game hunting on Area 23 is intensively managed by McKen Hunting. Area 23 is surrounded by high fence so as to limit the range of the animals. Stocking rates are maintained at levels consistent with the habitat’s level of sustainability.

Area 23 features a well-appointed cabin with its own name!  BULLRUSHES.
Typical view as you are walking or quadding through Area 23.  Click on image for larger view.
BULLRUSHES is lined with knotty pine, and has electric heating and air conditioning. Please check our website occasionally as we will let you know when we have installed a septic tank and hot and cold running water!

You will often have this type of view along the bushline at McKen Hunting’s Area 23.  Click on image for full size view.   

Also, McKen Hunting is committed to setting aside additional tracts of land for wildlife preserves, and intensively-managed hunting.  Aspen Meadows is in the planning stage and will be used by McKen Hunting for harvesting deer. 

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