McKen Hunting - Big Game Hunting Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada - Featuring: Elk, Fallow Deer & Whitetail Deer.

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A big advantage to intensively-managed hunting is that we have a pretty good idea of what is out there and can offer a level of guarantee. Our motto is:

Choice, not Chance We Always get our Game!

If you don't take a trophy for any reason, the trophy fee will be refunded!  Further more so long as your hunting party is prepared to hunt for three full days for up to 2 hunters and 2 trophies and for one additional day for each additional hunter or trophy then we offer a guarantee that you will have an opportunity to take the trophy(ies) in your budgeted price range. 

In the case of elk, we guarantee that your trophy will qualify for the Safari Club International Book of Records. If not, you can take another trophy if one is available, or come back at a later date at no additional charge.  Further more we offer a substantial refund if your trophy elk does not make the minimum score contracted.

In the case of fallow deer, we have two sizes: big, and bigger! Fallow deer grow a very impressive set of antlers! The big ones do not qualify for the SCI book of records. The bigger ones do. You pay for what you take. 

In the case of whitetail deer, if your trophy does not qualify for the Safari Club International book of records, then the price drops to $400, and you can continue to hunt for the trophy that you have been dreaming about.

In the case of bison (buffalo) you will be guaranteed an opportunity to harvest an animal in the age range contracted.  What you see is what you get.

McKen Hunting will also make every effort to tailor the guarantee to meet your specific situation. Furthermore, we will write this into the contract.

McKen Hunting is committed to making your hunting experience exciting yet relaxing, enjoyable, rewarding, memorable, and AFFORDABLE!  After all, we know that the best sales tool is a satisfied customer.

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Choice Not Chance . . . We always get our game!

Big Game Hunting Outfitters in Saskatchewan, Canada - Featuring: Elk, Bison, Buffalo, Fallow Deer & Whitetail Deer. This is intensively managed hunting. We know what's out there, and believe that the client should only pay for what he gets. Hunt, Saskatchewan, Canada, Elk, Bison, Buffalo, Whitetail, Fallow, Deer, Gun, Trophy, Antler, Record, Video, Bow, Musket, ATV, Contest, Win!.

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